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Published : July 20, 2020
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Cleaning Your Car After a Summer Road Trip

Whether it’s a day trip or a cross-country voyage, summer road trips make a mess of cars, trucks and RVs.


Here are a few hints on how to clean the exterior and interior of the vehicles that roll into your shop – after you’ve corrected any body damage!

Presta's products are very efficient and improve the efficiency of the bodyshops in terms of cleaning and car detailing. It is however important to note that those listed in this article are all intended for professional use only.

Bug Splats

One of the biggest challenges is dealing with bug splats on the front of your vehicle. To loosen bug splats and make them easier to remove, we recommend spraying surfaces down with Conquest™ Heavy-Duty Cleaner (product for professional use only). The detergents in Conquest are paint safe and help break down bug splats. Therefore, when you go over them with your wash mitt, they will wipe away much easier.

It is also recommended to add an extra coat of wax to forward facing surfaces. The added slickness of the wax will help make future bug splats wipe away easier. Fast Wax® is more than capable of protecting the finish!


You already know not to wash the vehicle with ordinary dish soap because it will strip away everything on your vehicle’s surface (including any waxes and sealers) leaving it dry and unprotected from sunlight and oxidation. Plus, dish soap also will not rinse as well as car wash soap, which can be counterproductive by leaving a smeared finish.

If you’re going with just a car wash soap, Sudzz™ easily washes away dirt, grease and grime leaving a film-free surface. And Ultra Concentrated Car Wash is a highly foaming formula for easy washing.


Road grit, dirt and sand can break down the protective coating on your headlight lenses, causing them to dull and yellow when exposed to regular sunlight. This etched surface makes it more difficult for light to escape, and can dramatically reduce the amount of light available for nighttime driving. Presta’s ReNuLite™ Headlight Restoration Kit lets you restore your lights to like-new clarity in just a few steps.

Carpet and Upholstery

Most road trips include coffee, soda, some type of fast food and an occasional mess. Lubri-Suds™ (product for professional use only) is a carpet and upholstery cleaner that can be used on any fabric surface. This powerful cleaner quickly removes stains from coffee, juice, food dyes, ink and even Kool-Aid®.

Leather and Plastic Surfaces

When it comes to leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces, Presta has several options for restoring like-new appearances. Leather & Vinyl Cleaner has a special penetrating formula cleans all the way down to the pores and leaves surfaces clean and film free.

Leather Conditioner cleans, revives and conditions aged and dried leather surfaces, leaving a semi-gloss finish.

Clean ‘N Shine powers away grease, grime and dirt from leather, vinyl and plastic while restoring a rich, satiny gloss to the surface. In just one step, this ready-to-use formula cleans, beautifies and protects.

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